Economic History of Greece

Professor George Alogoskoufis, Athens University of Economics and Business


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Key Drivers of the History of the Greek Economy: From 1821 to the Present

Summary of a Paper presented by George Alogoskoufis at the online Harvard/Fletcher Conference on New Perspectives on the Greek Revolution, September 24-25, 2021. Modern Greece has a history of about two centuries. During these two hundred years, the country and the economy have been radically transformed.  1. Greece managed to almost triple its national territory, in […]

1821 Before and After: Major Exhibition at the Benaki Museum, Athens

The Benaki Museum, in cooperation with the Bank of Greece, the National Bank of Greece and Alpha Bank, presents a major anniversary exhibition to celebrate the bicentenary of the pivotal year in modern Greek history, 1821, the year when the revolution which resulted in the country’s independence was declared. One thousand and two hundred objects […]

Greece and the Euro: From Crisis to Recovery

The origins of the post-2010 Greek crisis and the pre-conditions – economic, political and institutional – for a sustained recovery of the Greek economy were examined recently by a number of prominent academics, many of whom possess extensive political experience in Greece.  A selection of their contributions, first presented in a workshop at the London […]

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