Economic History of Greece

Professor George Alogoskoufis, Athens University of Economics and Business


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The Twin Deficits and Debt Crises in the History of the Greek Economy

Historically, the two recurring major macroeconomic imbalances of the Greek economy are related to public finances and the balance of payments. Both the fiscal balance and the current account balance have been persistently negative, and have constituted the large twin deficits of the Greek economy. The twin deficits have resulted in growth pauses, long periods…

The Greeks: A Global History, by Roderick Beaton – review

This survey reflects the depth and complexity of Greece, a small country with a world-conquering ethos Katherine Fleming*, The Guardian December 10 2021 When the Greek poet George Seferis rose to give his speech on being awarded the 1963 Nobel prize for literature, he asserted that the Swedish Academy’s honour was not so much for…

A new book shows how the Greek revolution shaped Europe

The Greek Revolution: 1821 and the Making of Modern Europe. By Mark Mazower. Penguin Press; 608 pages; $35. Allen Lane; £30 Review in The Economist, November 6, 2021 _______________________________________________ When a coalition of footloose merchants, sea captains, hard-pressed peasants, landlords, bandits, clerics and intellectuals raised the flag against the Ottomans in the spring of 1821,…

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